February month of Carnival

After a couple of years living abroad, I am getting more familiar with the local weather and festivals. Winter months starts in November till March and the months of January – February are the coldest months. During these days, people are less prone for outdoor activities, staying indoor sipping a cup of hot chocolate under the cozy warm blanket near the fireplace is preferable, be it watching their favourite show or catching up with the loved ones. Winter pyjamas and warm home socks are necessity while the air humidifier is back at work. Homes are decorated with beautiful lights and scented candles, bringing up the indoor temperature all together.

Christmasy feel will be at peak during December and annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange with colleagues will follow. In January, impressive New Year fireworks will take place and I am very much contented with my current place because I can watch live fireworks without stepping out of home. These are the agendas to look forward each year.

After the holiday seasons, February is a highlight month of another celebration – Carnival Festival. I was told by my previous colleague that Carnival Festival is a day of public celebrations with music, dance, costumes, parade and fireworks. It is the day before the “40-day fast” starts and will end before Easter. Each year, new prince will be elected to take charge of the parade from large scale in a city to smaller scale is a neighbourhood. I am always excited with the new ideas the prince has for us.

During the parade, you could see many generations of a family taking part in performances, very much family oriented and portrays a lot of teamwork and creativity. Indeed something nice to see during these cold days. On a personal note, the arrival of Carnival Festival also signals the soon arrival of the new season of Spring with longer and warmer days. It is also a time of celebration of new life, sprouting, prospering and more holidays to follow 🙂

Watching Carnival Festival in our neighbourhood
Young and old in their costumes


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