La Sagrada Familia de Barcelona

A visit to La Sagrada Familia was such an astonishing experience to us. We were amazed with the integrity of nature, light, art, science in the total architecture. It was truly a highlight of our trip in Barcelona. We booked our tickets online in advance with a specific time slot and thankfully everything went smoothly and managed to be there on-time with beautiful weather.      


Montserrat, Spain ? ??

Montserrat is rocky-mountain town located about an hour train ride from Plaça Espanya, Barcelona (main station). This makes Montserrat a perfect day-trip away from the city. Getting to Montserrat Transportation is convenient but Plaça Espanya train station itself is huge so our advice is to give yourself at least 25mins in getting to R5 (heading to Manresa) and also queuing for the train tickets. Ticketing machines are located right in front of the track R5. Frequency of the train is every hour and price is approximately €20,20 per person whereby this ……Continue Reading