University of Glasgow, Scotland

Very excited to arrive to University of Glasgow. So happy that we were allowed to roam freely at the outer area of the campus. “Harry Potter, are you busy in the classroom today?” This is truly a highlight during our Glasgow stop and looking forward to Day 9.


Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a city. Yes, it is. After spending a week at the country side, we returned to the city with lights, people, vehicles, restaurants, high speed internet connection and much lesser animals. Whenever I heard of Glasgow, I will think of Edinburgh and I know they are different. Both cities are pretty with many historical sites, museums, castle, cathedrals. If you ask me which one do I prefer, I will say maybe Edinburgh. Enjoy our Day 8 road trip pictures. With Glasgow, we have clocked in another 90km making ……Continue Reading


Luss Village Herritage Walk at Loch Lomond, Scotland

Day 7 of our road trip, sunny 800km/1600km A.M: Loch Lomond is no others but the lake located at the southern part of Scotland and it is part of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. On Day 7, we began our brand new journey to this lake which is located about 40km away from our accommodation at Loch Long. The most interesting part of this location is the Luss Village Paths/ Herritage Walk. There are a few routes from 15 minutes – one hour. We have chosen the shortest one ……Continue Reading


Glencoe, Scotland

Day 6 of our road trip, light drizzles. P:M: After Glennfinnan Viaduct (The Harry Potter Bridge), we continued our journey via Glencoe before reaching our accomodation at Loch Long. We have entered another 250km with Day 6′ agenda from Fort Augustus-Fort William -Glenfinnan Viaduct-Glencoe-Loch Long. “A glen is a valley, typically one that is long, deep and often glacially U-shaped, or one with a watercourse running through it.”-Wikipedia. Glencoe is the most famous glen in Scotland for its touristic  purposes for hillwalking vacations, mountaineering and also for Harry Potter’s scenes. We were driving ……Continue Reading


Glenfinnan Viaduct, Harry Potter’s dream in Scotland

Day 6 of our road trip, light rain. P.M: We are among the millions ordinary children who grew up with Harry Potter’s magical adventures. It was such a hit back then and we wonder who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is. That was why we were at the Glennfinnan Viaduct (The Harry Potter Bridge), located approximately 90km from our last stop, Fort Augustus. It was rainy and cloudy and the Harry Potter’s feel was so intense.       Due to the weather and time, we didn’t hike up the ……Continue Reading


Caledonian Canal of Fort Augustus, Scotland

Day 6 of our road trip, light rain. A.M: Fort Augustus is about 90km away from Aviemore, it is also the 500km/1600km of our road trip. This small town located at the most southern tip of Loch Ness. We had a quick stop here before going south to Glennfinan viaduct and Lake District National Park. On that day, Scotland has presented us its most typical scottish weather with light rain. Upon reaching this town, we had the chance to witness a few boats and yachts transiting through the locks of ……Continue Reading


Eilean Donan Castle overlooking Isle of Skye at Western Highlands of Scotland

Day 5 of our road trip, cloudy. P.M: Eilean Donan Castle is located on an island where it is also the meeting point of three great sea lochs, overlooking the Isle of Skye at western of Highlands, Scotland. It is about 90kms away from Urquhart Castle which I have just visited in the morning, which also means this is the 410km/1600+km of our road trip. The view to the castle was impressively beautiful with deep mountain glens and calming mountain roads. The caveat of the review is always comes with ……Continue Reading


Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness Scotland

Day 5 of our road trip, cloudy. A.M: Urquhart Castle, the third most visited castle after Edinburgh and Stirling Castle located at the shore of Loch Ness at Highlands, Scotland, about 20km away from Inverness Scotland. Once a prominent castle in 13th century for the Scottish and till the beginning of the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th century. It now leaves us some traces of the medieval times and our imagination of the past. The wind on our visit day was quite strong, so prepare yourself with proper ……Continue Reading


Keith, Scotland

Day 4 of our road trip, intermittent showers A.M: 300km/1600+km  Are you looking forward being away and having a good self-reset before your next Go!?  Travelling unleashes our freedom and letting us to have the opportunity to listen to our inner voice. Be it oughting for an interim therapy away from work, feeding your cultural quest or merely spending quality time with your family just outside your town. Let your mind run wild and away from work, let your mind to think about something that you don’t even think about ……Continue Reading


Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Day 3 of our road trip, cloudy 220km/1600+km Cairngorms National Park has an area of over 4500km^2 in the north east of Scotland, mostly mountainous and some lochs (lakes). First stop of the Cairngorms National Park is Loch Morlich, rainy. We stopped-by merely for some pictures.   Second stop: Guided mountain hiking by Cairngorms Reindeer Center Our third stop: Cairn Gorms Ski Mountain   Our fourth stop (the next day after Chivas, Keith Scotland) : Hiking in Aviemore itself in the woodland, chosen the shortest trek about 2km in total. ……Continue Reading