Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Day 3 of our road trip, cloudy 220km/1600+km Cairngorms National Park has an area of over 4500km^2 in the north east of Scotland, mostly mountainous and some lochs (lakes). First stop of the Cairngorms National Park is Loch Morlich, rainy. We stopped-by merely for some pictures.   Second stop: Guided mountain hiking by Cairngorms Reindeer Center Our third stop: Cairn Gorms Ski Mountain   Our fourth stop (the next day after Chivas, Keith Scotland) : Hiking in Aviemore itself in the woodland, chosen the shortest trek about 2km in total. ……Continue Reading


Aviemore, Scotland

Day 2 of our road trip, sunny with intermittent clouds First 200km of 1600+km Lochs (lakes), Castles, Highlands and wilderness of Scotland awaiting us after our two-day-stay in Edinburgh. Heading north to the wilderness land of Scotland, our first stop after picking up our cars from the capital was Pitlochry at 18:00 to fill our stomachs before reaching Aviemore, Scotland that evening. Aviemore is a small town located in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. If you’re looking for a holiday away from the city and in the wilderness land, this ……Continue Reading

Dutch 3

Dutch Folks Dance and Costumes

We usually do our groceries at the shopping area near our home and last Saturday the community center has organised a Summer Festival at that shopping area. Over 40 small stalls selling local products i.e wooden clogs, long horns, cheeses, fruit jams and more. Something unusual to see when we compare it to what we usually have during our groceries shopping. Very busy place with people, stalls, and to my surprise Dutch Folks Music and Dance. I always wanted to see Dutch Folks Dance, but never wanted to go to tourist ……Continue Reading


La Sagrada Familia de Barcelona

A visit to La Sagrada Familia was such an astonishing experience to us. We were amazed with the integrity of nature, light, art, science in the total architecture. It was truly a highlight of our trip in Barcelona. We booked our tickets online in advance with a specific time slot and thankfully everything went smoothly and managed to be there on-time with beautiful weather.      


Volendam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is iconic and needing no explanation, Rotterdam is famous for its port, Zaandam is famous for its windmills in Zaanse Schans, Edam is of course famous for its cheeses, and Volendam, an enticing traditional Dutch fishing village. Small fishing village that is accustomed to current tourists’ demand while preserving its rich cultural sense.   Wearing traditional dutch costume is still part of the routine for the villagers here. If you’re lucky, you will get to see one during your sight seeing. I always wonder why traditional Dutch houses are ……Continue Reading


Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht is one of our favourite cities in The Netherlands because it is strategically located in the center of the country.  The Schiphol Airport and other major cities i.e. Amsterdam Central, Leiden, Haarlem, The Hague, Eindhoven and Deventer, they are all reachable under an hour or slightly lesser than an hour from Utrecht Central. Therefore it is an ideal place for a short weekend getaway and what not when Amsterdam is so fully-booked. Just like Amsterdam, Utrecht is a canal city and the liveliness is comparable with the capital and of course ……Continue Reading



  Reign The current constitutional monarchy of The Netherlands has the history started when Prince William VI of Orange, who crowned as King William I in 1815 after the fall of Napoleon, decline of Dutch Republic and eventually regained its independence from France. Since then, King William I (1815-1840), King William II (1840-1850), and King William III ruled the throne before the succession of Queen Wilhelmina from 1890-1948, Queen Juliana from 1948-1980 and Queen Beatrix from 1980-2013. The current King Willem -Alexander ascended the throne after the abdication of his mother, Queen ……Continue Reading


Dutch Skirt Day – Rokjesdag

Change of season, change of background where days are longer and weather is warmer with clear blue skies. You may find yourself switching wardrobe, leaving your winter jacket after 6 months (yes, that long and I am not joking), digging out colourful and bright clothes to match the weather. Totally exciting, looking forward and what not. Talking about attire, for as long as I could remember, the number of days of me wearing shorts and skirts during past years were countable. Dutch spring and summer in general are not that warm. ……Continue Reading


Spring in The Netherlands ???

After months of cold, the weather has finally gotten better across the country where temperature has risen up to average 12’C for the last two weeks. It is beginning of April and the warmer weather is also telling us that spring is indeed has arrived. Seeing blooming and hearing chirping is such a serene joy. Very excited myself, because I would like to spend my spring slightly different this year. This write up is slightly different from the past because I would like to share what I plan to experience in ……Continue Reading


Home away from Home

I have been living in The Netherlands for 5 years and still counting. It got me thinking what kind of insights do I get from the Dutch people so far? There are intelligent ones, surprising ones and there are also some notably leaving you wondering why. Essentially all are unaccustomed meme to me when I first arrived and worth mentioning in this write up that would make me ascribe them as typical Dutch.  The flow of this write up will be presented in a way that matches the normal routine ……Continue Reading