Cherry Blossoms Avenue ???

  Cherry Blossoms Avenue in Bonn, Germany Bonn is one of the German cities with “former capital” status. It has a combination of metropolitan and historic surroundings which is enticing for mixed appetite travellers. This city is famous for Beethoven or as the birthplace of Beethoven to be precise, and also Cherry Blossoms during springtime. Arrived by train at Bonn Hbf with Special Weekend Ticket (awesome deal!) and took a slow walk towards the city center, guided by the tourist signs. Journey began with a quick stop at Beethoven Monument and ……Continue Reading


Spring in The Netherlands ???

After months of cold, the weather has finally gotten better across the country where temperature has risen up to average 12’C for the last two weeks. It is beginning of April and the warmer weather is also telling us that spring is indeed has arrived. Seeing blooming and hearing chirping is such a serene joy. Very excited myself, because I would like to spend my spring slightly different this year. This write up is slightly different from the past because I would like to share what I plan to experience in ……Continue Reading