Oh Sunday!

While I am snugging under my comfy bed and being unaware of the time in the day. I smell-in the aromas food and hear the sound of food preparation from the kitchen. It reminds me of meal time subconsciously. Which meal time? I am not very sure myself.

The privilege of waking up with a variety of home-cooked food during cozy Sundays left since I live on my own during university days, work outside the town and now abroad. I often then need to make arrangement of meals. The confusions clears up while I am more awake from the long nap. I realise I am not at my parents nor in-laws this weekend ,and I am obviously still abroad. It is my loving partner who is working on the food for me.

Allowing myself to nap on the Sunday afternoon has brought me back to the time at home of my parents, the favourable teenage days when I got to nap during the Sundays without worrying of chores and also when the fragrance of food used to be my wake up call.

At this point I realise time flies. I have grown up so much that I take responsibilities  more than the needed rest. Sometimes Sunday could turn out to bring back some fond memories while having someone to shower you with some good food after waking up.

Thank you my another M, who is still busy in the kitchen while I am writing down this in the room.


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