Keith, Scotland

Day 4 of our road trip, intermittent showers
A.M: 300km/1600+km 

Are you looking forward being away and having a good self-reset before your next Go!? 

Travelling unleashes our freedom and letting us to have the opportunity to listen to our inner voice. Be it oughting for an interim therapy away from work, feeding your cultural quest or merely spending quality time with your family just outside your town.

Let your mind run wild and away from work, let your mind to think about something that you don’t even think about during your normal days, maybe something about the past and at the same time let your creativity loose for the something about the future.

We learn and grow throughout the travelling process be it  as a lone packer, couple or in a group. I always believe the return is rewarding, to be a better self. Travelling may still sound luxury to many of us, maybe to you or to me.

But sometimes the most luxury thing may not be quantifiable by the devices unfortunately but a human’s knowledge, heart and mental healthiness.

The above is obviously after a couple of great shots of the scottish whisky at Chivas Strathisla Distillery, Keith Scotland. Setting aside the distillery tour, the most rewarding part of the day was I learned something about myself. I don’t drink but I am liking hard liquor now. Cheers!

Note: It was a road trip so the drivers did not drink of course.



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