Mayfield Lavender Farm, Banstead, Surrey,U.K.

Are you looking for summer blooms? Lavender is your answer. Day 14 was all about lavender for us. We enjoyed the purple-tinged view in the early summer.

Lavender farms are located all around the world, from France-Provence, Italy- Tuscany, Australia, USA to South Korea. I have here is the true English Lavender farm located close to London, United Kingdom. An organic lavender farm run by a committed family and their new member furkid, Joey.

Enjoying the view while smelling the sweet scent of lavender
Unobstructed view of dilly lavender
Rosemary Beetle Hunters
With friendly honeybees as your best friends here

Thanks to the aromatherapy, it was both soothing and calming walking through the fields. We hope you enjoy the hue of purple-violet painted pictures, indeed, a remarkable experience in U.K. Flower fields are always appealing to me, sunflower fields next?


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