Greenwich, London

After spending a day in London downtown yesterday, we learned so much about this city from different perspectives among others historical, geographical, socio-economics, cultural and its values. Having a sunny day and seeing the best part of London by cruising from London to Greenwich before returning home tomorrow was a blessing to us.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) with its slogan “World Starts Here” is the clock time established at Royal Observatory Greenwich, London. Back then, almost all local towns kept its own time and it has became imperative for international time standardisation during vast expansion of the railway and communications networks during the 1850s and 1860s. The Meridian Line, a north-south longitude line where it is set to be 0° for astronomical observation or mapping the sky. Moving forward now, every location is measured in terms of its distance east or west from this line. The Meridian Line divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth while Equator divides the northern and southern hemispheres. Read more at here.

Although GMT has its significance, most places now are following daylight saving or summer timezone.

Royal Observatory Greenwich
Seeing Greenwich from the cruise, Hello!
Greenwich Park
Queen’s House, Greenwich
View from Queen’s House overlooking the Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park
Greenwich Pier

Greenwich is definitely a recommendation while you have a day to spend near London. It is away from the crowded London while being able to experience the city in a different way (cruise). National Maritime Museum, Greenwich park, Cutty Sark Ship and Planetarium are all kids friendly and Greenwich Market able to keep up with the demand of shoppers and adults.

To be honest, I didn’t do a complete search on Greenwich before arrival, just went with the flow and discovered the surprises along the way in this little charming town . We learned a lot from the National Maritime Museum (history of maritime, opium war), and had so much fun while shopping and eating at Greenwich Market.

Without realising, it was almost the end of our road trip. Reaching London safely is an achievement because we have completed 1600+km on a road trip through more than half a month, again, kudos to the drivers in both cars.

When will be our next trip and where will we be heading to?

Till our next family trip,

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