Cherry Blossoms Avenue ???


Cherry Blossoms Avenue in Bonn, Germany

Bonn is one of the German cities with “former capital” status. It has a combination of metropolitan and historic surroundings which is enticing for mixed appetite travellers. This city is famous for Beethoven or as the birthplace of Beethoven to be precise, and also Cherry Blossoms during springtime.

Arrived by train at Bonn Hbf with Special Weekend Ticket (awesome deal!) and took a slow walk towards the city center, guided by the tourist signs. Journey began with a quick stop at Beethoven Monument and also Beethoven House before moving to Rhine-Promenade for a view of the Rhine River, then Friedrichstrasse for some white sakuras before going to the full bloom of pink sakuras at the highlight place, Cherry Blossoms Avenue.

Main areas for getting your hanami experience in Bonn will be from Maxstrasse 2a (where Altdstadt name is found) to Breite Strasse (100+) then to Heerstrasse (90-100).  It took us about an hour to finish walking this two streets including some picture moments leisurely. These streets are connected and easily identifiable with its enthralling cherry blossoms tunnel.

Many people may start their viewings from the beginning of Breite Strasse (Maxstrasse 2a) where the blue Altstadt name is found, but you may also opt for other routes, just like how I did.

I am impressed with the number of restaurants, shoppings and also clear direction signs for the tourists in this city. These made my city walk experience less tense.

Our first sight of the famed cherry blossoms tunnel
Cherry Blossoms Tunnel
Holding hands
End of Heerstrasse, near Asia Viet Thai Restaurant
These trees are about 20 years now
Close up of cherry blossoms
Active Sunday
Start of Breite Strasse
Sunny and pleasant Sunday
White sakuras at Freidrichstrasse
Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.21.18 am
Route taken from Bonn Hbf – Friedrichstrasse 55 (white sakuras) – Rhine- Promenade for waterfront view (follow tourist board) – Breite Strasse 115 to Heerstrasse 92 to Maxstrasse for Cherry Blossoms Avenue.

Cherry blossoms bloom for an average of 10 days and a maximum of 14 days in Bonn, depending how friendly the weather is, with rain and wind it might have a shorter stay. I’ve noticed the first bloom was on 5-6 April this year, so be quick to catch them before the petals start falling and trees turning green.

And again, if you’re planning for an impromptu trip to Bonn for cherry blossoms, hope this is helpful, maybe not this year but next ones.

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