Berlin, Germany

It all started when we knew we had only an-hour transit time to spare in a huge city Berlin before reaching Prague. All I had in mind was to have a glimpse of Brandenburg Gate (Berlin most famous landmark) located about 1.5km walking distance from Berlin Hbf. The station itself is loaded with eateries and shops, providing more than enough refreshment alternatives before any onward journeys.

Nice view of Berlin Central Station

It was a mid-summer vacation; hence prime scenes of family events at the station square and patio chairs for sun basking were arresting for good reasons.

Sun Basking at Capital Beach Cafe, Spree Bank near Berlin Hbf

Before reaching our destination, we were impressed with the clean Spree River offering a city recreation both for the locals and tourists.

Walking along the Spree and seeing Fernsehtur, television tower in central Berlin, Germany at the far end

700 meters off the Berlin HBF and knowing nothing more than Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall was a degrading act to the city. Doing Berlin for the first time was indeed full with pleasant surprises.

Never crossed our minds that we would see buildings in contemporary trendy design. Paul-Löbe-House is an incredibly modern building located in a city which has enough to say in many history books. The “wow” came when we learned about the functions of these buildings and the connection with Federal Government Office.

Paul-Löbe-House, legislative building located next to the Reichstag, connecting Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus by two super-imposed pedestrian bridges over the river Spree. This impressively modern building contains more than 900 offices for the parliamentary deputies.

Glass dome juxtaposing on the top of Neo-Renaissance parliament building.

Reichstag Building: “Neo-Renaissance parliament building topped by a Norman Foster glass dome with 360-degree city views”

After a short and easy walk, we reached where you aimed for in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate. A 18th century monument which has witnessed many historical moments and withstood the test of social process. Over two hundred years now, it represents peace and unity, values that we should cherish today.

Brandenburg Gate

If you have an-hour to spare in Berlin, where would you go?


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