Dutch Skirt Day – Rokjesdag

Change of season, change of background where days are longer and weather is warmer with clear blue skies. You may find yourself switching wardrobe, leaving your winter jacket after 6 months (yes, that long and I am not joking), digging out colourful and bright clothes to match the weather. Totally exciting, looking forward and what not.

Talking about attire, for as long as I could remember, the number of days of me wearing shorts and skirts during past years were countable. Dutch spring and summer in general are not that warm. However, whenever the weather is permitting, ladies will take the stand to tell the world what fashion is.

Recently, I came across the “National Skirt Day” or Rokjesday in Dutch, where ladies will finally have the chance to show off their bare legs after several cold months. There is no official day that is considered as the national skirt day due to the intermittent weather in the country. Usually this day(s) happens during the first few warmest day (between 15-18’C) in the Spring time. This year, it was end of March, but it could be in April, May or even June in some years.

I have not heard about Rokjesday before this, but I do recall myself wearing a long skirt to work during that warm week at the end of March, I was excited. It was spontaneous after months of wearing my black pants to work. Looking back, I am glad that I did because I am back to my pants now, and you know why.

If you’re in a four seasons country, have you already had your Rokjesdag?


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