Chasing after the tulips in Holland

And our 30km begins…

Grabbing this long King’s Day weekend opportunity, we managed to visit the tulips fields in the Bollenstreek/ Flower bulb region in South-Holland province of The Netherlands on 28th April.

Real tulips fields in front of our eyes, feeling surreal

The night before setting off, we did a thorough check on the actual state of blooming at different farms in the region through Bloemenradar. We marked down the blooming locations in Google Maps and compared that with the recommended “Flower Route” by Then, we called Rent-A-Bike Van Dam in Noordwijkerhout securing some bicycles before our arrival in the next morning.

Note of reminder: The region is huge, you’re not required to go through them all because blooming changes every week due to weather and harvesting, therefore empty lands. With the help of Bloemenradar, it tells the flowerings state of all the flower farms in the Flower Bulb region during that week. 


Yellow, the colour of sunshine and friendship

If you have a OV-chipkaart, hiring OV-bike is possible with online subscriptions in advance and you can check the number of bicycles available for rent via NS App on smartphones. We have chosen to hire from private agents i.e Rent-A Bike Van Dam, because there were no OV-bicycle available for rent at Voorhout & Hillegom and other stations were quite a distance from us.

Pink, the colour of well wishes
Red, the colour of true love
Pink, also the colour of happiness
Lavenders and its scents
some crowds, they are as excited as us
Having a break at our 25th km


Saw some cherry blossoms trees on our way back
Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.36.31 pm
Taken Route, approximately 30km

There are few other options for “Flower Bulbs ” cycling route:

  • has recommended to start from Voorhout to Haarlem with ready-made 31km or 38 km routes available for download, here.
  • Top Route Netwerk has recommended 32km, 42km and 49 km with detailed route plan available for download here.
  • Alternatively, as recommended by Tulips in Holland, start from Noordwijkerhout for a 45km route and its detailed plan is here.

These options are well signposted and stretches for around 35km of flat, easily bike-able paths and merely for flower fields, some locals or tourists may also include other sites i.e. seaside and dunes into their cycling routes.

TopRouteNetwerk_Route Number
cycling route numbering/signposts directions from

If cycling the entire Flower Bulbs Route is not your preference, it’s possible to rent a bike at the Keukenhof Gardens with a cycling range from a relaxing 5km up to 35km bulb route. Find out more at Keukenhof Garden itself.

You may also explore this region by walking i.e. 7km, 10km and etc. More information is available at under “Wandelnetwerk Bollenstreek’.


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