The current constitutional monarchy of The Netherlands has the history started when Prince William VI of Orange, who crowned as King William I in 1815 after the fall of Napoleon, decline of Dutch Republic and eventually regained its independence from France.

Since then, King William I (1815-1840), King William II (1840-1850), and King William III ruled the throne before the succession of Queen Wilhelmina from 1890-1948, Queen Juliana from 1948-1980 and Queen Beatrix from 1980-2013. The current King Willem -Alexander ascended the throne after the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix in 2013, becoming the first King after 123 years. In other words, The Netherlands celebrated the last Queen’s Day after over 100 years in 2013.

History of the public holiday
The history of the holidays started when it was celebrated as Princess’s 5th Birthday on 31 August 1885 and as Queen’s Day since 31 August 1890 after Princess Wilhelmina accession as the Queen at the age of 10.

In 1948, Queen Juliana has moved Queen’s Day to her birthday, 30 April, following her accession to the throne. When Queen Beatrix succeeded the throne in 1980, Queen’s Day remained on 30 April though her birthday falls on 31 January, honouring the previous Queen and also due to fact of the cold weather in January for a celebration.

In 2014, King Willem-Alexander has declared 27 April every year, which is his birthday, as King’s Day maintaining the tradition of a day off to the public.

What to expect on King’s Day?

1. Getting near to the royal family
Each year the royal family will visit one of its many cities in the country and Tilburg will be the one in 2017. If you would like to get a rare glimpse of the royals, be in Tilburg early on 30 April 2017.

2. Flea Market
It is the only day for individuals without licenses to trade at the street. Some children may want to grab this opportunity to learn about trading out their second hand toys, while adults may want to get rid of their old but still worth some pennies vintage at home.

3. Everything painted in Orange
Can never go wrong in orange. Try to wear as much orange as you can on that day i.e. wigs, shirts, nails, lashes, face paints, hats, socks, bags,  and etc.

Orange tulips and orange crowds near Heineken Experience
Orange spandex body suit is the coolest outfit on King’s Day
They are taking part too

4. Music and festivals
Every year the celebration starts on the night before with music and dance at each of the local cities and this celebration continues till the next day.

Massive celebration with famous Dutch DJs at Museumplein near Van Gogh Museum
If you’re lucky you’ll see a combination of cherry blossoms and orange

5. Boat parties at the canals
The Dutch floods the canals with boat parties, comparing who has a better time with music, dance and beer.
Video captured when we were walking across the canal bridge
Different view of Amsterdam on King’s Day
Party on the boats, look who has better music and beer.
Equivalently happening by the shore

Why Orange?
Because of King William of Orange I and the Royal House name Oranje- Naussau

Whether you’re currently in The Netherlands or you are a traveller looking for a different side of Amsterdam, why not visiting Amsterdam on this coming King’s Day?

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