Caledonian Canal of Fort Augustus, Scotland

Day 6 of our road trip, light rain.

A.M: Fort Augustus is about 90km away from Aviemore, it is also the 500km/1600km of our road trip. This small town located at the most southern tip of Loch Ness. We had a quick stop here before going south to Glennfinan viaduct and Lake District National Park. On that day, Scotland has presented us its most typical scottish weather with light rain.

Upon reaching this town, we had the chance to witness a few boats and yachts transiting through the locks of the Caledonian Canal, which connects Inverness and Fort William.

It was our first time watching the power of engineering of water locking process here, where the water level of each lock has a huge difference from another lock. It resembles a fleet of water stairs, therefore it is called the Neptune’s Staircase.

As I am typing this, I ask myself what else beneficial to share with other readers here, or at least to motivate other travellers to reach this destination. Then I did some online searchings and found that Caledonian Canal is 66miles long and requires almost 3 days to reach one to the other end of Scotland.

As this being said, it was one of the most important water routes back then since 1822, which provides a short cut between North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. In other words, it provides a safer route as compared to the long way through the sea. Now, it is most likely for cruisers for their boating experiences as the canal passes through the Great Glen. Keep your eyes open for Ben Nevis (near Fort William), highest mountain in the British isles, along your way.

Check out the process in Youtube, BBC Coast Caledonian Canal“. I promise that you will be amazed with such attainment back then. The locks are still manned by humans, lock keepers, now.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.05.24 pm
Caledonian Canal, shortest and safest way from the east to west of Scotland, vice versa. Picture from BBC Coast
Nessie at Fort Augustus, south of Loch Ness
Transiting his yacht through the Caledonian Canal locks at Fort Augustus
Scottish Summer

Though the weather was not at its friendliest way but we did enjoyed learning something new that day. I hope via this post you too!


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