Bowness on Windermere, Lake District National Park of England

Day 10 P.M

Hill Top was lovely and it didn’t stop there. We continued our journey to Fell Foot Park on the shore of Lake Windermere for a quick picnic before heading to the next highlight at Bowness on Windemere with the family.

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Bowness on Windermere. Photo Credits: National Trust UK

Easy access to the water makes picnic far more fun to families with children. We saw children paddling happily in the water while we were feeding the swans with little pieces of breads by the lake shore.

View from our picnic spot. Sunny and breezy day in early July 2017

After the quick picnic, we took a slow walk back to the car to our next destination, Bowness on Windermere. Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England covering up to an area of 14.73 km². It is a long and narrow lake surrounded by mountainous area and also small towns. Bowness is one of the famous ones.

Bowness of Windermere is a tourist honeypot. It offers cruises from Bowness Bay port to the north (Ambleside) and to the south (Fell Foot). Besides, The World of Beatrix Potter is also located at this town. In this town, you may also find shops offering unique arts, coffee and also local products.

View from the Bowness Bay 
View from the Bowness Bay Dock
View from the Bowness Bay 
Bowness on Windermere – It is the world of Petter Rabbit and Friends
Glimpse outside The World of Beatrix Potter
Beautiful stone cottages at Ambleside town

This is a nice way of ending the nature trail before our next stop to the city of diversity in Birmingham tomorrow. Till then!


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