Ambleside, Lake Windermere of England

Day 9P.M

Ambleside is a picturesque town located in Cumbria, North West of England in the Lake District National Park. It acts mainly as a hiking base for trekkers looking for Cumbria countryside’s surrounding fells experience near Ambleside, Grasmere Village and Lake Windermere. Outdoor Hiking or Climbing shops are here and there for the hikers convenience and eating places are plentiful as well.

Bridge House

Bridge House located strategically in the centre of Ambleside is the most-photograph tourist attraction which survived through 17th century till now. It was originally built by The Braithwaites, an incredibly influential family to access their lands on the other side of Stock Beck bank (little stream) and also to store apples from their orchards surrounding the Bridge House.

Stock Beck, rocky clean minor river where Bridge House was built over.

In 1858, Harriet Martineau, a female British sociologist once wrote ‘the odd little grey dwelling … is the ancient house which is considered the most curious relic in Ambleside of the olden time. The view of the hill and rocky channel of the Stock … is the one which every artist sketches as he passes by’ in her Guide to the English Lake District.

It is indeed still a quaint of Ambleside in 21st century.

The Market Hall. Ambleside
Stone Cottage, one of the English’s icons
Ambleside Town

We rewarded ourselves with slow stroll around the town after a luscious meal at the Thai restaurant near The Market Hall, Ambleside before heading back to our English country house named Meadowbank, Ambleside.

With Gretna Outlet, Ullswater , Castlerigg and Ambleside, we have concluded our Day 9 with a total of 1025/1600+ KMs on the countryside road.



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