Dutch Skirt Day – Rokjesdag

Change of season, change of background where days are longer and weather is warmer with clear blue skies. You may find yourself switching wardrobe, leaving your winter jacket after 6 months (yes, that long and I am not joking), digging out colourful and bright clothes to match the weather. Totally exciting, looking forward and what not. Talking about attire, for as long as I could remember, the number of days of me wearing shorts and skirts during past years were countable. Dutch spring and summer in general are not that warm. ……Continue Reading


Home away from Home

I have been living in The Netherlands for 5 years and still counting. It got me thinking what kind of insights do I get from the Dutch people so far? There are intelligent ones, surprising ones and there are also some notably leaving you wondering why. Essentially all are unaccustomed meme to me when I first arrived and worth mentioning in this write up that would make me ascribe them as typical Dutch.  The flow of this write up will be presented in a way that matches the normal routine ……Continue Reading


February month of Carnival

After a couple of years living abroad, I am getting more familiar with the local weather and festivals. Winter months starts in November till March and the months of January – February are the coldest months. During these days, people are less prone for outdoor activities, staying indoor sipping a cup of hot chocolate under the cozy warm blanket near the fireplace is preferable, be it watching their favourite show or catching up with the loved ones. Winter pyjamas and warm home socks are necessity while the air humidifier is back ……Continue Reading