Bowness on Windermere, Lake District National Park of England

Day 10 P.M Hill Top was lovely and it didn’t stop there. We continued our journey to Fell Foot Park on the shore of Lake Windermere for a quick picnic before heading to the next highlight at Bowness on Windemere with the family. Easy access to the water makes picnic far more fun to families with children. We saw children paddling happily in the water while we were feeding the swans with little pieces of breads by the lake shore. After the quick picnic, we took a slow walk back ……Continue Reading


Beatrix Potter’s farmhouse at Hill Top, Lake District

Day 10 A.M The theme of Day 10’s agenda is the crossover of Beatrix-Potter’s legacy and history. We started our Day 10 with a short visit to Wray Castle located in Claife, South Lakeland of Cumbria, England (near Ambleside, Lake District). The appearance of the castle contains gothic features and prominent turrets and tower with arrow-slits. It is now belongs to the National Trust, UK. This castle is also associated to Beatrix Potter, an English female author of children’s book called Petter Rabbit’s collections, who spent her summer her at ……Continue Reading


Meadowbank Homestay, Ambleside England

Day 10 This post is slightly different because it details our stay at Meadowbank, Ambleside. Meadowbank, Ambleside is a local family-run English country house with a host named Michael, who is the owner and also a fire-fighter of the town. It has 5-6 rooms with full English settings including the living and dining hall. Different room comes with different view. Some rooms are bigger than others and the most spectacular one is the small room facing the field with hundreds of sheep. You can literally count sheep to sleep in ……Continue Reading


Ambleside, Lake Windermere of England

Day 9P.M Ambleside is a picturesque town located in Cumbria, North West of England in the Lake District National Park. It acts mainly as a hiking base for trekkers looking for Cumbria countryside’s surrounding fells experience near Ambleside, Grasmere Village and Lake Windermere. Outdoor Hiking or Climbing shops are here and there for the hikers convenience and eating places are plentiful as well. Bridge House located strategically in the centre of Ambleside is the most-photograph tourist attraction which survived through 17th century till now. It was originally built by The ……Continue Reading


Castlerigg Stone Circle in Keswick, Cumbria of England

Day 9 P.M. We travelled for almost 1000km through different kinds of road and I realised driving along the narrow drystone fencing wall passing through the farm lands by far was the BEST! I like it so much because roads are simpler plus I was in a Jeep, woohoo!!! I was less worried about the traffic because basically there were almost none, but if  there were one we need to stop because the road is too narrow for two cars. Come on, we are in countryside. We don’t do speeding ……Continue Reading


Lake District National Park, England

Day 9, partly sunny With our last stop at Glasgow on Day 8, we left Scotland and heading to the great England. We returned to the serenity and closer to the nature again after spending 1.5 days in the city of Glasgow. Our destination of Day 9 was Ambleside and we had few stops at the Pooley Bridge, Aira Force Water Ullswater and also Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick respectively. To my liking, weather was slightly warmer and less rain in England. We had more chances to explore outdoor and ……Continue Reading


University of Glasgow, Scotland

Very excited to arrive to University of Glasgow. So happy that we were allowed to roam freely at the outer area of the campus. “Harry Potter, are you busy in the classroom today?” This is truly a highlight during our Glasgow stop and looking forward to Day 9.


Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a city. Yes, it is. After spending a week at the country side, we returned to the city with lights, people, vehicles, restaurants, high speed internet connection and much lesser animals. Whenever I heard of Glasgow, I will think of Edinburgh and I know they are different. Both cities are pretty with many historical sites, museums, castle, cathedrals. If you ask me which one do I prefer, I will say maybe Edinburgh. Enjoy our Day 8 road trip pictures. With Glasgow, we have clocked in another 90km making ……Continue Reading


Luss Village Herritage Walk at Loch Lomond, Scotland

Day 7 of our road trip, sunny 800km/1600km A.M: Loch Lomond is no others but the lake located at the southern part of Scotland and it is part of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. On Day 7, we began our brand new journey to this lake which is located about 40km away from our accommodation at Loch Long. The most interesting part of this location is the Luss Village Paths/ Herritage Walk. There are a few routes from 15 minutes – one hour. We have chosen the shortest one ……Continue Reading


Glencoe, Scotland

Day 6 of our road trip, light drizzles. P:M: After Glennfinnan Viaduct (The Harry Potter Bridge), we continued our journey via Glencoe before reaching our accomodation at Loch Long. We have entered another 250km with Day 6′ agenda from Fort Augustus-Fort William -Glenfinnan Viaduct-Glencoe-Loch Long. “A glen is a valley, typically one that is long, deep and often glacially U-shaped, or one with a watercourse running through it.”-Wikipedia. Glencoe is the most famous glen in Scotland for its touristic  purposes for hillwalking vacations, mountaineering and also for Harry Potter’s scenes. We were driving ……Continue Reading